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Shandong KOSEN New Material Co., Ltd. is located in Shandong, a strong economic province in China. The company is adjacent to the oil base of Bohai Shengli Oilfield in the north, Qingdao International Seaport to the east, Jinan Yaoqiang Airport to the provincial capital of the west, and Linyi, the largest commodity city in northern China. Based on excellent traffic conditions and superior location advantages, Zibo has successively established industrial zones with petroleum, chemical, steel, building materials, medicine, papermaking, agriculture and machinery industries. Rich natural resources and strong industrial base have prompted KOSEN develop quickly in this fertile land. KOSEN New Material relies on China's large state-owned enterprise (annual production of 300,000 tons of PVC, 150,000 tons of nickel, 400,000 tons of copper, 10,000 tons of cobalt, 3,500 kilograms of platinum group metals, 8 tons of gold, 150 tons of silver, Selenium 50 tons and 2.5 million tons of inorganic chemical products comprehensive production capacity, annual sales of 150 billion RMB) and Qilu Petrochemical (processing crude oil 10.72 million tons, production of finished oil 5.98 million tons, ethylene 852,000 tons, plastic 1.147 million tons, caustic soda 460,000 tons, 404,000 tons of rubber, 331,000 tons of butanol, 63,500 tons of acrylonitrile, 59,200 tons of acrylic fiber, 3.86 billion kilowatts of thermoelectric power generation, annual sales of 15,000 tons of PVC resin, 12,000 tons of PE resin, PTBP, and 20,000 tons of plastic additives such as p-tert-butylphenol, p-octylphenol, zinc stearate, calcium stearate, aluminum stearate, barium stearate, PVC stabilizer, polyethylene wax, etc., mainly used in PVC Soft and hard products, rubber additives and paints and coatings.They also selling coal, coke, steel, plastic raw materials and products, chemical products, building materials, advertising materials, decorative materials, heavy oil, residual oil, road asphalt, Glass, paper products, wood pulp, mechanical equipment, mineral products, solar water heaters, electronic products, household products, packaging products, office stationeries , nano materials, high-performance membrane materials, ecological environment materials, etc. Adhering to the "Science, Integrity" development policy and "Leading the market, creating the market, serving the market" business philosophy, KOSEN New Material is willing to work with you to a better tomorrow!
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